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Defensive Driving
Defensive Driving
EDI now offers a new Defensive Driving Course, specifically designed and tested to meet the demanding requirements of the UAE and for use also in the wider GCC.
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EDI UAE Driving Frequently Asked Questions
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  Driving FAQ's  
Driving License Renewal Expand / Collapse


What are the documents required for renewing a Driving License?
If you are a Dubai resident and/or UAE national holding a passport issued in Dubai, you will need to have:
1. previously been issued with a Dubai driver's license within the last 20 years.
2. a Valid Residence Visa (except UAE Passport holders)
3. passed an Eye Test (the test results should be uploaded online from the optician)
Please note: An eye sight test is valid for 3 months.

What is the maximum number of days a customer can renew his license before it expires?
30 days

Are there any fines if a customer does not renew their driving license?
Yes. There is no grace period for an expired license. You will incur late penalty charges the day after your license expires, even if you are not driving in this period. If you drive with an expired license, you will be fined. If the license is expired for more than 10 years, you will need to retake a driving test.

How often do I need to renew my driving license?
Driver's licenses need to be renewed at different periods based on the age and experience of the driver. For new drivers who are under 21 years and have not been licensed before, the license must be renewed 12 months after it is initially issued up until the age of 21. After which, the driver can renew the driver’s license every 10 years.

Where can I renew my driving license?
Online -
RTA Licensing Agency Customer Service Centres located throughout Dubai.

Does Dubai have a minimum requirement for eyesight?
Yes. RTA can require you to wear your eye glasses when driving.

If I am looking to renew my driver’s license, how can I give all my details online?
Please contact the RTA call centre at 800 90 90.

What is the cost of conducting an eye test at an optician?
The prices vary depending on the optician and the location. Please contact your optician for pricing.

How long is the optician eye test valid for?
The eye test is valid for one year, so you need to renew your license within a year of taking the eye test.

I have renewed my driver’s license online, how can I expect delivery and when?
You will receive your new driver’s license via courier on the date that you have chosen. If you chose to collect it, you can go to the specified RTA Customer Services Centre on the day you chose to collect it. You can also track the progress of your package by visiting or contacting the call centre on 800 90 90.

I have renewed my driver’s license online, the delivery date has passed and I still have not received anything. Who do I need to speak to?
You will need to contact the RTA Call Centre on 800 90 90 or check online to see the status of your item.

I have just paid for my driver’s license renewal online. What assurances do I have that this payment is secure and has been processed?
There is a secure payment channel on the RTA website, all information is strictly confidential. Also, the online service supports Visa, MasterCard and eDirham. The online service would have confirmed to you that the transaction was successful and provided you with a transaction confirmation number.

Will RTA put additional services online?
Yes. RTA is currently working to increase the number of services online. These services will be made available to the public soon from various channels.

Are there additional costs for transacting online/call centre?
The cost of the service is the same as in a Customer Service Centre. If you choose to receive your product by courier, you will be charged the delivery fee which will be included in your service fee. Otherwise, you also have the option to collect your item from an RTA Customer Service centre.

Will I be able to renew my driver's license if I have more than 24 black points?
Traffic file will be blocked and you will not be able to perform any licensing related transactions. Only fine payment will be allowed.
Vehicle License Renewal Expand / Collapse


What is required to renew my vehicle registration?
Vehicle technical inspection to be carried out by an authorised vehicle testing partner. Applicable only to:
1. Vehicles older than three years
2. Pre-Owned Vehicles
3. Imported Vehicles or vehicles purchased from a private enterprises
Please note: Vehicle Technical Inspection is valid for only one month and you are required to renew your vehicle registration within 1 month of the Vehicle Technical Inspection

What are the full fees for the vehicle inspection?
AED 50

What is the process to renew a vehicle if the vehicle is located outside of the country
The vehicle is examined at an accredited testing center in the Country and then ratification of the securities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of the UAE and then ratification by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The procedure is completed by renewing the vehicle at a vehicle licensing centre that are throughout Dubai.

What if the insurance certificate is valid for less than one year
The insurance certificate should be valid for more than 6 months, in this situation the vehicle registration will be renewed for 6 months
If the vehicle insurance is valid for less than 6 months, the customer will be asked to bring an insurance certificate that is valid for at least 6 months.

How do I know that my vehicle requires registration renewal?
The registration renewal deadline is always exactly one year after your vehicle was initially registered. You will be notified by the RTA 1 month prior to expiry via SMS and, depending on your insurance broker, you will also be contacted by the broker. Cars that are less than a year old If you are the second owner of the car that is less than a year old, you will need to renew your vehicle.

My vehicle is less than 3 years old. Do I still need to vehicle inspections test?
Vehicles less than three years old do not need to be tested and are therefore exempt from providing a vehicle test certificate upon renewal – as long as the current owner is the first owner of the vehicle. If vehicle ownership has changed in the 3 year timeframe, the car would need to be tested.

What if I do not receive my SMS notification from the RTA?
That means that the data in our system is no longer valid. If this is the case, we strongly urge you to visit our website, contact our call center or visit our customer service offices to ensure up to date information.

What if I pass my registration deadline, will I be fined?
The RTA will give you a grace period of one month before you will be penalized. You will be charged about an additional AED 64 for every 45 days you are late in payment. In addition you may be intercepted by Police and given other penalties.

How can I obtain my renewed vehicle registration card if I apply online?
As a Customer, you have the choice of obtaining your renewed vehicle registration card through courier on your chosen date with an additional fee (of Dh20) for delivery or you can collect your renewed vehicle registration card at the RTA Deira Customer Service Centre

What if the Black points on my traffic file are not mine?
All black points are required to be transferred to the driving license of the individual who is involved in the traffic offence. In a situation where the driver of the vehicle involved in a traffic offence is different from the owner of the vehicle, the vehicle owner can transfer the points to the driver responsible for the traffic offence by visiting the RTA Deira Customer Service Center along with the driver responsible for the traffic offence and his driving license on which the points are to be transferred.
Fines and Payments Expand / Collapse


I am in Dubai on a visit visa and am driving a rental with my international driver’s license. I have just run a red light, how will I be expected to pay my fines?
If a fine was issued to you on your rental car, your car hire company will pay this. You must contact your rental company for advice. In most cases, the car rental company will pay the fine(s) and will include those costs in their charges to you. With regard to impounding, the car hire company may request you to give your vehicle to them and they will send it for impounding. Kindly note it is at the discretion of the car hire company to issue you a new vehicle afterwards.

What is the process to renew a vehicle if the vehicle is located outside of the country
Currently, there no additional fees for late payment, it is advised however that your fines be settled as soon as possible in order to avoid any complications in the future. Fine payment will be enforced the next time you attempt to transact with the RTA. You will not be able to transact without clearing (even for vehicle registration renewal) your fines beforehand, for the vehicle you wish to renew.

How long do black point fines stay on my record?
Black point fines will remain on your record for 12 months after the day the fine was issued, after which the points will be removed from your license. If you accumulate 24 black points or more at any specific time, you driver’s license will be revoked for 12 months.

I received a radar fine and 10 black points on my colleague’s vehicle, who is legally responsible to pay the fines and who will receive the black points?
Currently all fines and fees are charged to the vehicle and all black point fines are issued to the vehicle owner, regardless of who was driving. The owner then has the option to transfer the black points to the driver who was actually driving. Commercial and private customers can transfer black points to the driver who actually committed the violation. If the driver who received the black points has an objection, s/he needs to contact Dubai Police.

How can I check my fines?
You can check your fines using one of the following methods: 1. By calling RTA Call Centre (8009090) or Dubai Police (8007777) 2. You can also check your fines online at or 3. You could also visit any of RTA customer service centres in Dubai 4. Finally, you may check your fines at any Emirates or Dubai Islamic Bank ATM.

Do I receive a notification when I collect a fine?
Yes, you may log into the Dubai Police website ( and register for free notification SMSs and/or e-mails. You will need to provide your vehicle information (plate number, category and code) as well your driver information (traffic file number, name, mobile number and e-mail).

How long do fines take to be uploaded and the notifications sent?
Currently, there is no agreement as to when traffic fines are recorded. The majority of fines issued within Dubai are recorded within 48 hours and notifications are sent immediately. Any traffic fines outside Dubai may require additional time to be received and recorded in Dubai. Hence, a specific timeframe cannot be given as to when these fines will be recorded in Dubai.

At what time do fines usually appear on the website?
The system updates itself in real-time and as a result, traffic fines can be appear at any time in the day.

Where can I see my fine payment history?
Currently you can view your fine payment history by visiting any RTA Licensing Agency customer service centre, or by registering with the RTA Licensing Agency online services at ( You can also call the Call Centre on 8009090.
General FAQs Expand / Collapse


What is Defensive Driving?
The Defensive Driving Course is a program that offers practical strategies to reduce collision- related injuries, fatalities and costs. It helps in addressing the importance of attitude in preventing accidents and reinforces good driving skills in an established driver.

What is a Blind Spot?
When driving, keep your eyes constantly moving, scanning the road ahead and to the side. Check your mirrors every five seconds or so. When using mirrors there is an area on each side of your vehicle where you cannot see. You may not see people or vehicles when they are in these spots.

Can I get a learners permit in EDI's Premises?
We have an in-house RTA Traffic file opening section in our Institute. File opening can be done between 9:00 am to 02:00 pm and 3:00pm to 5:00 pm-Sunday to Thursday and on Saturdays from 09:00 am to 01:00 pm.

Does the training courses include RTA Police Test Fees?
The Police Test Fees are exclusive of the Driving course package. The package includes only charges for the training classes. Every Light motor Vehicle road test fees is Dhs 300 and if student fails it is Dhs 350.

Can a student get a license within the registered classes?
Getting the license depends upon the student's performance. Sometimes a student passes in less than the registered classes and other times require more classes.

Are female students taught by Gents Instructors?
No, they are not, we have female instructors for females but if someone wants to take a gents instructor for any valid reason than it will be allowed. Female students can be taught by gent's instructors upon request and permission only.

Can gents apply for automatic licenses?
Yes, gents can apply for automatic license.

Do I have to go to the Deira Traffic Department to collect my license?
If you finished training in EDI then we have the facility of issuing license in our premises itself.

How many days course is involved in Desert Driving and what charges apply?
The Desert Driving Course is a one day course starting from 09:00 to 04:00 in the evening. The fee for a normal day i.e. Saturday to Thursday is Dhs800/- and Dhs 900/- for a Friday.

What if I have my country license, how can this help me?
If a student is holding a valid Original license of his/her country and it is issued for more than 5 years or minimum 2 years the following documents are required - Original country's license and the affidavit from his/her consulate stating that the license is valid then he/she can either register for 30 classes or 20 classes depending on the issue date of the license.

How many days course is involved in Light Motor Vehicle Defensive Driving and what charges apply?
The LMV Defensive Driving Course is a one day course starting from 09:00 to 05:00 in the evening. The fee for a normal day i.e. Saturday to Thursday is Dhs950/- and Dhs 1000/- for a Friday.

How many days course is involved in Heavy Vehicle Truck Defensive Driving and what charges apply?
The HVT Defensive Driving Course is a one day course starting from 09:00 to 04:00 in the evening. The fee for a normal day i.e. Saturday to Thursday is  Dhs 900 and Dhs 1000 for a Friday

How many days course is involved in Motor Cycle Defensive Driving and what charges apply?
The Motor cycle Defensive Driving Course is a one day course starting from 09:00 to 04:00 in the evening. The fee for a normal day i.e. Saturday to Thursday is Dhs400/- and Dhs500/- for a Friday.

How many days course is involved in Forklift Defensive Driving and what charges apply?
The Forklift Defensive Driving Course is a one day course starting from 09:00 to 04:00 in the evening. The fee for a normal day i.e. Saturday to Thursday is Dhs400/- and Dhs 500/- for a Friday.

How do I get my Indian driving license attested for file opening?
By going to the Indian Consulate in person with the following documents.
  • Valid Passport in original and photocopy (first / last and valid visa page)
  • Original valid driving license and its photocopy
  • Sworn affidavit and its photocopy, in the prescribed format typed in English & Arabic (Form has to be signed in presence of Consular Officer)
The Attestation Fee is AED 40, ICWF Fee is AED 10 and the Service Fee is AED 10 so the total fee is AED 60. Additional documents may be needed. Please visit www. for any further information on consular services.

Which nationalities can convert their country’s driving license to Dubai driving license? What are the required documents & fees for conversion?

The people holding nationalities and driving licenses of Kuwait, Saudi, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Austria, Belgium, Spain, Germany, France, Ireland, Holland, Italy, Britain, *Turkey, *Greece, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Romania, Finland, Portugal, Luxemberg, Estonia, Cyprus,Malta, Slovakia, Croatia, Lithuania, Latvia, *Canada, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, *South Korea, *Japan, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa can convert their driving license for Dubai Driving License. The people from countries indicated by star (*) are required to get translation of the license done from their Consulate. The required documents for conversion are a valid original driving license, valid residence issued by Dubai, a completed form for replacement of license, No Objection letter from sponsor to replace license and Optometry form accredited by the health authority in Emirate Location. Please note that the concerned person has to be present themselves to complete the transaction and the service charge is AED 160 for the same.

How I can transfer my file from other driving institute to EDI? I have already appeared 5 Road Tests.

You have to cancel your file from that institute and bring the file to EDI head office located in Qusais behind Al Bustan center. The RTA department inside the office will check the file and determine the number of classes and tests you will go for.

Do I require to come myself to make the international driving license or I can send someone on my behalf?

You need to fill the application form , sign it and send anyone to apply on your behalf. Click here to download the form.

I would like to take bike riding classes. I don't have a bike driver license, but I have a car driving license from Dubai for six years now. Can you let me know what the requirements are please?

Only if you are holding your country's bike license you will be eligible for 16 classes but if not then you will be considered as a complete beginner and will have to undergo 30 compulsory classes

Is there any option for the people who require getting the Driving license on fast or urgent basis?

We do have a VIP course and Shift duty course in this case

I lost my EID Card, but I have paper from EID card office ,can I apply for license or make new ID card?

It is mandatory to have Emirates ID card.

Can I take Night class training if I have registered for Shift Duty course?

Night classes are only available for the Regular course. Timings will be 8:00pm till 10:00pm, 9:00pm till 11:00pm.

If I want to enroll for driving classes in any of the branches, can I register in your head office in Qusais?

Yes, you may register in Al Qusais (HO) and take your driving classes in any of the EDI branch.

Can I switch from regular classes to Friday or Night classes? If so, will I have to pay more for that?

Yes, if you change from one course to another you have to pay 120dhs.

I want to take extra training classes before my road test.

In order to book extra classes you have to contact the office where you took your training and request the course in charge to book the classes for you.

I want to know if I can get assessment test on Friday

For males, you can take your Assessment test at Al Qusais, Al Quoz & Port Rashid on Fridays. For ladies, it is only at Al Qusais on Friday & Weekend.

How can I request for a Final road test. Can someone from my family submit a request on my behalf?

Once you have made the payment for the road test after 24 hours you will receive a SMS from the RTA with your road test date. If you are not satisfied with the date then you can call us on 042631100 and depending on the availability we can book you for another slot. If you want an early test date then you have to directly check with test department in respective branch and arrange for the same. You can send someone else with your RTA manual book, learning permit and the student MDT card.

I have failed in the GCC license transfer test. What are the further procedures now?

You will need to take 8 additional classes (AED 60/65) & final road test (AED300). To book your class you will need to contact the branch where you are taking your training. Admission fees will be AED500. Taking another road test for GCC course will cost AED 350 and also training extension fee of AED 300.

I have already opened driving license file from Abu Dhabi Police Headquarters. I just want to do practice in Dubai

It’s not possible since you have a learning permit in Abu Dhabi and as per the RTA rule you cannot take driving classes in Dubai

By when do I need to pay the balance course fee? Will I be notified?

After your classes have commenced the course in charge will then guide you as to when and how you can make the balance course fee.

Can a U.S.A citizen use his driving license in UAE while on visit visa for a month?

A person needs to have a UAE driving license to drive in UAE. In order to get a UAE driving license the person must have a residence visa. In this case please check with the RTA on 8009090.

Is there a rule that prohibits pregnant women from taking driving lessons in Dubai? Is there a standard form for this special permission from the doctor? If not, what must it say? That I am fit to take driving lessons?

Pregnant women can take driving lessons but they need to get special permission from the doctor. At the time of registration we will make the student sign a form stating that it is on their own risk they are taking driving lessons

If I register online, will the cost be same, or  will I pay extra charges?

If you register online you will just pay 600dhs to register with EDI and rest of the amount will be paid at the time of submitting the documents in order to open the file with RTA.

I’m an Indian with US driving license. What is the procedure to open the file.

If your US driving license is still valid then you will register as a GCC student.

Is Desert driving license different from a normal license?

Yes a Desert driving license is different from a normal license. It is only used for tourism companies to take tourists to the desert

What happens if a person not having a driving license wishes to come with me during the Desert driving course?

In this case, without a UAE or International Driving license, the other person cannot attend the course.

I’m holding a UAE residence visa & already have international license do I need Affidavit from the consulate?

International license will hold no value once you have a residence visa stamped on your passport. Holding your country’s license will help in reduction of classes.

I wish to transfer my training from one branch to another; do I need to pay for the transfer?

No, there are no transfer charges.

Do I need to pay extra for the Express service for the Road Test?

You will pay extra 200dhs for an early date or if you want an afternoon or a Saturday test then you have to pay 100dhs extra.

Can I choose my Instructor?

Yes, but depending upon the availability of the instructor he/she will be assigned to you.

What are the requirements for 'Light Bus Training Course'?


Only students having LMV-Manual License for 3 years or more are eligible to apply for Light Bus License.

In case a student has LMV-Automatic license for 3 years or more, first he has to get a LMV Manual license and then apply for Light Bus License.

Structure of the course:

  1. After meeting eligibility criteria and submitting required documents, student will register and open his file.
  2. After attending 8 mandatory lectures, student will give theory test.
  3. No training and assessment test is required. After passing theory test, student will directly go for Yard Test.
  4. Student will give 2 yard tests- Offset (Reverse) and Slope. In case of failing these tests, student has to take 8 training classes and then again give these yard tests.
  5. Upon passing yard test, student is eligible to appear for Road Test. Light Bus License will be issued after passing the Road Test.
  6. For each failed attempt of Road test, student has to take additional 8 training classes.

I have failed in the road test, now I have to take 8 classes to appear the next Road test, is it possible to register for 10 classes and after completed of 8 classes I can register for Road test, and before 1 day of the road test can I complete rest 2 classes?

You may make the payment for 10 classes altogether. But depending on the availability you will be scheduled for the 8 classes and the rest 2 classes cannot be confirmed and you will have to check directly at the counter at that time.

If you fail the theory test, the next time you will take again is the same question you will encounter?

If you go for another test you will have a new set of questions.

In case I fail many times in theory test or assessment, will it affect my final road test?

The only effect it will have is that you will be delayed for your final test due to time consumed in clearing theory and assessment tests.

I want to know how to shift Automatic license to Manual license, how many classes and the payment required.

Kindly note the Training and Test requirements to change the drivers license from Automatic to Manual
1- Traffic file + Admission Fees (500 + 500 Dhs).
2-  Eye Test (100 Dhs).
3- 8 Training Classes (480 Dhs).
4- Exam preparation fee + Knowledge Test (175 +300 Dhs).Knowledge test (only if previous passed date has exceeded more than 2 years).
5- 2 Parking Test (Hill + Emergency ) (160 Dhs).*Incase of failure next maneuver will be after 4 classes.
6- Road Test (300 Dhs). *Incase of failure- 8 classes + Road Test.

7- License issue (260 Dhs).
Total Amount (2775 Dhs).



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